PLATO Simulator  3.3
An end-to-end simulator for the Plato mission.
PLATO Simulator Documentation

Welcome to the PLATO Simulator Pages

The PLATO Simulator (PlatoSim) is an end-to-end software tool, designed to perform realistic simulations of the expected observations of the PLATO mission. It can, however, easily be adapted to similar types of missions.

Our simulator models and simulates time series of CCD images by including models of the CCD and its electronics, the telescope optics, the stellar field, the jitter movements of the spacecraft, and all important natural sources of noise.

Many aspects concerning the design trade-off of a space-based instrument and its performance can best be tackled through realistic simulations of the expected observations. The complex interplay of various noise sources in the course of the observations make such simulations an indispensable part of the assessment and design study of any space-based mission.

Getting Started

All information needed to install and update the PlatoSim3 software on your system is described here. Please, follow these instructions carefully before running the simulator. How to simulate time series is described here.

In Case of Problems

In case you would come across problems you cannot solve yourself, please, let us know! We would like you to use the issue tracking on GitHub rather than sending an email to the developers, as this helps to better keep track of the issues and their status. How raise issues (and which information you must provide us with) is described here.


We kindly ask you to refer to this work in any publication the PLATO Simulator software contributes to.