Welcome to PlatoSim’s documentation!

The PLATO Simulator (PlatoSim) is an end-to-end software tool, designed to perform realistic simulations of the expected observations of the PLATO mission. Our simulator simulates time series of CCD images by including models of the stellar field, the spacecraft systematics, the jitter movements of the spacecraft, the camera optics, the CCD and its electronics, and all important natural sources of noise.


PlatoSim is a highly versatile tool ideal to model the complex interplay of various noise sources needed for the performance assessment and design study of any space-based mission. PlatoSim is widely used by the PLATO Mission Consortium (PMC) to also conduct scientific studies related to the core and complimentary program of the mission. Being an indispensable tool in the preparation of the PLATO mission, we hope that you find PlatoSim a useful tool in your research. Enjoy!